Doris began her journey in complimentary health care in 1997 when she started her career in Massage Therapy.  Looking for a way to take people out of pain,
she continued to attend classes in many  different modalities.  Studying reflexology, pre and perinatal massage, myofascial work, lymphatic drainage , Swedish
massage, trigger point, and a number of other techniques,  her quest was to learn and understand the best way to help her clients.

She joined a team of massage therapists at a local hospital working on employees and patients alike.  While there, she continued looking for the most effective
bodywork that not only would affect muscular skeletal complaints but also help those suffering from such things as digestive, respiratory and nervous system

Doris received information through an AMTA email newsletter that introduced Bowenwork as a new, gentle, and extremely effective bodywork that was  
spreading rapidly through the world.  Everything she read  about Bowen Therapy intrigued her more and more. She began to believe it  was exactly what she had
been looking for.   

It was also at this time, that Doris started suffering from relentless headaches,  dizziness and hand tremors.  She visited several doctors, had numerous tests
and nothing was found.  She continued to look for answers.  Doris found a Bowenwork class in Denver and decided to attend.  During the third day of the class,  
a procedure was demonstrated , that when applied to her low back, created an immediate response in the base of her skull and within seconds, her chronic
headache and dizziness were history.  Doris  was "hooked"  and knew that she had to continue  learning  more about this amazing healing modality.  After
becoming accredited in the basic work, she  continued her education and is now accredited in the Specialized Procedures 1 and 2
Her work as an instructor for the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia helped Doris to refine her skills in Bowenwork and welcomes any inquiries on
the benefits of this modality.

Doris with Ossie and Elaine
in Seattle, Washington
Clinic Office
Bowenwork of Lima Clinic and Training
About Doris Sturgeon, Bowenwork Practitioner
I had extreme shoulder pain from lifting heavy objects - Bowen ( 1 treatment ) fixed the problem!  A.W.  Delphos, Ohio

I had a lot arthritis pain in my shoulders and knees - after several treatments  on shoulders, I was  able to do a lot more  without a lot of pain.  I also
had a double knee replacement on the same day .  Bowen treatments before and after surgery helped me recover much quicker, I was able to walk
without  any help in 3 1/2 weeks.  A.H. Delphos, Ohio

Bowen helped my newborn son when he had problems moving his bowels Just a few treatments and he had no more problems. B.P. Lima, Ohio

Bowen and Doris' touch has reduced my hip pain.  I now can  move without this pain  on my mind.  I had constant discomfort and weakness in my
right leg.

I had fallen on ice and fractured my tailbone.   I had a lot of pain in my entire back and even my legs at times.  After 2 treatments with Doris I could feel
the difference  already - less aching around my tailbone.  In two months time I hardly had any pain in my back or legs. The treatments really made a
big difference in my life.  D.M. Lima, Ohio

I just love it!!!! DB, Lima , Ohio

Doris, It was just o
ne year ago that I was so fortunate to find you and Bowen!  You have become the Healing force in my life.  When I first came, my
sweet husband had to bring me.  I was dizzy all the time and mostly a physical wreck.  You have surely given me back my life and I am now 81 years
young!...L.L.  Lakeview, Ohio

I had some severe tendonitis in my arm from digging in the garden.  I was downing the Advil and still had pain... but after 1 treatment with Doris, I got
relief.  I really am thankful for this holistic manner of healing.  I pray God continues to bless you and prosper your business. You are doing  a
wonderful job!  I recommend this to others who seek relief!  L.S. Lima, Ohio

An excerpt from a recent testimonial brought in by one of my clients, a retired engineer. "On 22 April of this year, I found myself in ST. Rita's Medical
Center not knowing whether I had a slight stroke, heart attach or what.  Through a mutual friend of ours, I met Ms. Sturgeon on April 27.  After my first
session, I climbed down off the treatment table, 75 -85% of my total body pain from Fibromyalgia was gone!! By the time I reached my home 15
minutes later, I was totally pain free.   Throughout the first, second, third and fourth sessions, my pain and suffering from shoulder rotator cup
surgery, gallbladder surgery side effects, pain from two heart ablations and my latest trial, doctors wanting to 'cut' on my 4th,5th,6th and 7th disk of
my upper spine - the pain was completely gone - to the point that I called and cancelled consultation and surgery, and I no longer 'eat; 60 mg.
morphine tablets like candy on a daily basis!!"  

Neurocardiogenic Syncope:  I had passing out with seizures every 4 weeks. Since Bowen it has been 5 1/2 months without any episodes and I feel
great!  Bowen is wonderful and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to feel like they should.

  This is why I love this work!!  To make a difference in people's lives is the best feeling in the world!!